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Elizabeth Mackey

Love the end result. I also love the fifth photo down, and I probably would have stopped there :)
Your post reminds me of a film I saw in one of my art history classes about Jackson Pollock. This film really helped me embrace abstract art. Movement in paintings and pure passion. When you talked about letting go my mind went back to this film.

I'm really enjoying your posts and seeing your steps towards painting with passion. You go girl!!!

Melissa P

You want to know something crazy? I like the one with all that white negative space around your "thought shapes". To me, that stage looks almost like those thoughts are separating from an overwhelming, blinding creative light. The possibilities separating out, I guess.

Anyway...I love how you took your own path with this one and discovered important things. Don't give up!

Carolina Ellis

Totally bizarre and I mean BIZARRE !!! I said the same thing when they were white. My husband thought I was crazy. When they were white, I thought I was done. Mmm, plenty to think about going forth from here.



Great story! I love how the painting looks a bit like a quilt with the shapes appliqu├ęd to it. Quite fitting, since you used actual fabric, too ... :-)

Alicia Armstrong

Oh I love all that juicy color!! I find myself returning to the image where some of the shapes are isolated and some are still interconnected or only separated by the tiniest of lines, I like that white. I'm biased by my own thought process though, I rarely have moments of great clarity! :)

I have started the book, then had to do some family stuff. I am going to make a drawing for a new painting and then curl up with the book.

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