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Elizabeth Mackey

Very nicely written, and the painting really evokes what you are saying. I think if I were faced with a blank canvas and having to do self portrait, it would not happen. I really think I would over think it to the point that I couldn't even start. I applaud someone who can take this medium and convey their feelings through it.
I'm enjoying getting to know you more through your wonderful paintings.
So sorry to hear of your accident though, it must be extremely frustrating for an artist to deal with.

Thanks for sharing your latest work and wonderful words to accompany it!


I love your paintings! And it is very interesting for me to see and read your thoughts on motherhood being a mother of three little ones. I did not take the art journal course you write me about and the reason is this: I'm not in a point of my life where I would dear to let go like that. And I have this feeling it is because of the children who at this age are so dependent on me that I can not give up the feeling of being in control, not even in my art. I don't think that it is a good or a bad thing, it just is.

Alicia Armstrong

Wow what a meaningful painting. Thank you for sharing your thought process as well as your artistic process. I think this is a very successful painting and your writing brings so much more to it. I have no doubt that you will soon notice your art skills have caught up to your voice.

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