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Elizabeth Mackey

I have no words for what happened yesterday :( Seems like April is a month of beauty tinged with sadness. When you think about all the major bad things in recent history, April is the month. I wonder why that is?
It truly is gorgeous out today, with the sun streaming through all the beautiful new bright green leaves, without a cloud in the sky! The sadness sure does taint it though I must say, because the news can be everywhere it seems.

I love your watercolor painting :)


Beatiful pictures! I have this idea that you live in a landscape painting and I in an collage.
I saw Madonna on Ellen show where she said something like that the satisfaction will never come, that no matter how long you work as an artist you will never reach the level you are aiming for. It is an youtube, beginning of part 2 of the show if you would like to watch that little snippet in the middle of the lighter entertainment.


I love what you said about not being able to understand what is wrong with this world, only what is right. You put my feelings into words. xo, Eva


So interesting that you had to turn away from this news. Even here half a world away tragedy takes over from beauty and we find ourselves staring at a screen emmiting images for our eyes, that our human minds cannot imagine or comprehend, I wonder if we aren't addicted to the drama. It's a drama alright for the families of loved ones who've suffered loss of life, loss of limb in such an innocent moment, a moment of hope that running and competing for fun can bring. But we who are bystanders, standing by, looking on helplessly, feel strangely selfish for turning away and bowing our heads, when really in honour of those that have fallen, getting up, getting on, pursuing with renewed vigour the gifts that we have to share in this life, should be embraced. If we as artists turn our heads, it's not out of disrespect, but out of sensitivity, for we feel the pain and help lead the way. Others who stand and stare each time this happens, do nothing for no one except those that need an audience to inspire such acts. Turning away cannot eliminate the evil aspects of what it is to be human, but it can weaken their desire for fame or the effect of using such means for their cause.

Well done you for going to buy plants to bring new growth, to see fowls being born and painting the day, all those seemingly simple acts go to make up a beautiful day. Each beautiful day that each one of us can live, will bring the hope that this world needs. Thank you for showing us how.

Christine Phelps

Hi Carolina -

I just sent you a Facebook request and a private message - it went to your "other" box - I too am taking the Lilla Rogers Course and wanted to reach out and introduce myself and also ask you a question.

Hope to connect with you - Christine

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